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A lesson in Not Giving Up

April brings ……..   It has been a long winter, in more ways than the physical temperature and amount of precipitation. The old cliche, “April Showers bring May flowers” makes me think of “what do our long winters bring us??, Why are they here? Friends and I were discussing another cliche, “What doesn’t kill you… read more

Rosie Cat

ANOTHER GIFT   One of the benefits of having a talent such as painting, sculpture, writing and playing music is that you can use it to gift someone with your gift. This month, I painted a watercolor of Rosie Cat. Rosie Cat belonged to Sarah, my daughter and her fiancé, Craig. Rosie Cat is in… read more

January- Every project has a starting point

January is a great month to paint. I crank up the heat, put on extra layers and spread out in my “studio”. My studio is my daughter’s ex-bedroom. Sarah lives in Middletown now and teaches at Wesleyan University. Her birthday is on the 28th,- Happy Birthday, Dr. Sarah Kopac!   I have spent the month… read more