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Rosie Cat

by Joyce Kopac in Gifts of gifts
One of the benefits of having a talent such as painting, sculpture, writing and playing music is that you can use it to gift someone with your gift. This month, I painted a watercolor of Rosie Cat. Rosie Cat belonged to Sarah, my daughter and her fiancé, Craig. Rosie Cat is in Cat Heaven now, but Craig requested a painting of her because she meant so much to them. Rosie was a calico who felt no shame in letting her needs be known while she resided here on Earth. She was called a drama queen , “ridiculous” and silly, but always, always loved immensely.
Painting Rosie was difficult because Craig REQUESTED the painting so I immediately went into “Obsess mode”. I am sure all of you out there, artists and non-artists alike, (though I think everyone is an artist in some form: cooks, gardeners, builders of stone walls, etc), can appreciate what it feels like to obsess.  It probably inhibits creating but we are silly and give into it anyway. I wish I can say I got into the feeling of Rosie and created the painting from that feeling. I concentrated instead on the shapes of her coloring and her delicate ears and the funny way she squinted. I think Sarah and Craig will be happy with the painting when they see it. I will post it with their permission after they receive it.
God Bless Rosie and all creatures and humans we have loved.


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