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A lesson in Not Giving Up

by Joyce Kopac in April brings ......
April brings ……..
It has been a long winter, in more ways than the physical temperature and amount of precipitation. The old cliche, “April Showers bring May flowers” makes me think of “what do our long winters bring us??, Why are they here? Friends and I were discussing another cliche, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  We decided we did not agree. We don’t necessarily feel stronger after we have been through difficult times. We don’t always bloom after a “heavy rain”. Sometimes, we hide under our leaves and don’t bloom at all. So, there we are sitting dark and unnoticed and maybe….. even….. weak. SSSSShhhhhh, don’t tell anyone. We might think we are supposed to be like the rest of the world- climbing mountains, working tirelessly and all while being fueled by a single fruit smoothie. Yet here we are not able to even show a paltry little flower when Spring comes. 
So what do we do? We wait. We really don’t have any other choice. Maybe someone will come by and check on us daily and till our soil and gently water us. Maybe someone will brush off our leaves. After all that, there may be signs of tiny, colorful buds. And if there isn’t, we accept ourselves and hope that there will be another Season. We may give up on being superhuman, but we don’t give up on ourselves. Because The Gardener would not want us to.


April is time of the mid time of the winter and summer. Its cool time and we can enjoy the flowers and gardening. Because this time we can grow and its seasons of the gardening.
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I love this analogy, you are a beautiful person Joyce

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