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January- Every project has a starting point

by Joyce Kopac in Miscellaneous
January is a great month to paint. I crank up the heat, put on extra layers and spread out in my “studio”. My studio is my daughter’s ex-bedroom. Sarah lives in Middletown now and teaches at Wesleyan University. Her birthday is on the 28th,- Happy Birthday, Dr. Sarah Kopac!
I have spent the month starting this website, (actually, that is to my husband, Robert’s credit- he has all the technology skills), painting fashion illustrations and painting scenes of Ollie, a child character I created.  More on that another time (I don’t want to give too much away). I enjoy painting fashion illustrations and scenes with Ollie because it calls for less perfection and the work seems to flow easier. For example, when painting my picture, “I see you – Peeping Deer”, I felt each color and shape had to be believable to the viewer’s eye. I so wanted the viewer to be able to appreciate the scene as I was able to in reality.  I enjoyed working on it but I was much more critical of myself than when I work on some of my other subjects.  I thank the Lord that He has gifted me to paint different subjects with different styles.
I also painted, “The Rose”, for a dear friend of my other daughter, Lisa. Roses are very special to me because my favorite saint is Saint Teresa. Saint Teresa will send roses to those who pray to her and bring her petitions.  
Thank you for stopping to read. God Bless all!!! 

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January is first month of the year and everyone try to made the new plans with new passion for it. We start it with love and can,t keep the patience for don,t it. So this page is message and always keep the end line of the work.

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